Continental Cup 2017. A start of a new tradition!
The highlight of the tournament were people who made all good things happened:
Players, and Coaches, Officials, and
Alex Sechko BC Minsk.
Oleg Boyko, BioTexCom.
Sergei Kurchenko, Moskvich
Aud Rius , Lituanica,
Александр Рысевец (Alex) Communication Director.
Arnoldas Ramanauskas Tournament Director.
Evgeny Kovalevich, designed all publishing materials.
Anastasia Nazarova, photography.
Volha Akulich, photography.
@Dzmitry Dzmitryjev, photography, awards design/production.
Janna Grishel, advertisement.
Минск в 15:15, walking tours hosts.

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